When a couple adopts seven lovely children all at once, their family swiftly expands.

When a couple adopts seven gorgeous children at once, their family expands quickly. The adoption was unusual, especially when six of the children are biological siblings. However, the pair was dead keen on keeping everyone together.

Armando Cantu and Naomi Rodriguez have welcomed seven children into their hearts and homes. They became a family in the eyes of the law on May 24, 2019, at Aransas County Court at Law in Rockport, Texas.

The ‘Cantu Family,’ as they are known, was already quite huge. The couple had their own biological children when they met, making them a family of six. Those children, however, have grown up and are now the parents of the couple’s ten grandchildren.

Adding to the family
However, Naomi and Armando chose to become foster parents in order to aid children in need. They’ve had seven foster children live with them since 2017. Six of the children are biological siblings, one of whom was a newborn when it all started.

The couple believed it would be a good match from the beginning.
‘We adore them to bits. We could already tell we were going to bond with them when they first entered our home. Rodriguez told the Caller Times, “We’ve just grown on each other.’

The Cantus decided to adopt all seven children after two years of fostering. Their ages varied from two to eleven years old at the time.

The oldest child is a daughter who is not biologically connected to the other children but is overjoyed to have a loving family with many siblings.

A one-of-a-kind adoption
Armando Cantu thought the children were supposed to be a part of their family from the beginning.

‘You know how it feels when it works.’ You know that’s the correct thing to do because you feel it in your heart and soul,’ he added.

This adoption is unusual not just because of the number of children adopted at the same time, but also because six of the children are siblings. Even when there are only two siblings, it is rare for children in the foster system to remain together.

Rodriguez explained, ‘I simply felt that bringing one in would be selfish because they still had brothers and sisters.’

‘And being separated in the system would have made it extremely difficult to locate each other and other items.’ So we just agreed to do it together, and that’s exactly what we did.’

An adoption specialist who worked with the Cantu family, Vickie Shular, lauded the couple.
‘Not everyone wants to adopt seven children, so that speaks much about their humanity.’

Raising seven children is a difficult task, but the Cantu family has succeeded by following to a schedule. This involves making the children clean their rooms before going to school.

Mealtimes, as well as sleep and bathtime, are staggered.
‘We perform great at home as long as we stick to the routine,’ Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez and Cantu, both 53 and 42 years old, know how to manage children, especially because they’ve done it with their own and have grandkids of similar ages. ‘I’d certainly bring in more kids if my house was bigger,’ Rodriguez told 3 News.

Putting it in paper
On the day the adoption was finalized, the courtroom was packed with family members carrying gifts. The scene in Judge Richard Bianchi’s courtroom was one of well-ordered pandemonium and joy.

The siblings (three boys and three girls) were 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8 years old at the time of the adoption, with the oldest kid being an 11-year-old female. Hugs were shared all around, followed by the usual ride home with a truckload of new toys for the new huge, happy family.

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