During the Tom Hanks’ movie premiere fans notice something that makes them worry a lot about the actor! More details below..

Tom Hanks, 65, continues to delight his fans with new roles. Not long ago, the actor starred in a film by Baz Luhrmann, which tells the story of Elvis Presley. In the biographical film, the star embodied the singer’s manager.

Now the actor is actively involved in the promotion of the film. Hanks recently appeared at the premiere of the film in Australia.

He communicated with the public at the event. During the speech, it was noticed that the actor’s right hand was shaking so much that he almost threw the microphone.

After seeing the actor, the fans were seriously worried. ‘Take care of yourself,’ ‘Last week on the One Show he looked really thin,’ ‘I hope the tour just exhausted him, – wrote the fans.

However, there have been those who have expressed the opinion that the star’s hands tremble due to age.

‘He is 65 years old, let’s give him a break’, ‘He is old’, ‘Angela Merkel had something like this a few years ago.

It was related to stress և heat. ‘It does not have to be something serious,’ Internet users commented.

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