This man told his brother with down syndrome to dig the plot in front of their house… What happened next will melt your heart

Will Claussen’s brother and best friend Henry was the only person he could imagine having by his side as his best man when he got married.

Growing up, Will and Henry, who has Down syndrome, were always very close friends.

Actually, Will was the one who first overheard Henry talk. Will therefore understood that Henry was the only candidate to serve as the first man at his wedding.

Will told In The Know, ‘It was a no-brainer for him to be my best man because he has the sweetest soul and has never said a negative word about anyone.’

And he wanted to make sure he asked one of his favorite persons a significant question in a unique way if he was going to do so.

Will and his accomplice came up with a plot to ask Henry, ‘Will you be my best man?’ unexpectedly.For Henry to discover using a metal detector, the pair buried a message in a bottle.

When he ‘discovered something,’ Will starts waving a metal detector and instructs Henry to begin digging. Henry begins to dig and ultimately hits a rock. Will informs Henry, ‘You hit something.’

The glass bottle is then removed from the ground by Henry. Is there a message there? Will’s companion queries Henry. However, Henry raised some red flags. He questioned his brother, ‘Did you bring this here?

Henry reaches over to check what he has as Will starts to take the note out of the bottle. ‘It might be a joke,’ Henry speculates. Will finally takes it out at that point and gives his brother the note.

Henry Joe, you are already my BEST friend and the BEST brother. Would you kindly accept my offer to become my BEST man?

‘What?!’ Henry shouts. Would you like to be my best man? Will re-asks. But he does not receive a response. He receives a brother who leaps into his arms after dropping his shovel and bottle.

Henry couldn’t have been more content, and it was obvious. He simply grabbed tight while encircling his larger brother with his legs.

He ultimately said, ‘Yes,’ tears still in his eyes. The two embraced for a little while longer after Henry told his brother that he loved him.

Will added, ‘I thought this was a no-brainer and he had no idea it was coming. He loves metal detecting.’

More than 5.8 million people have seen the video of Will’s unexpected marriage proposal to his brother, which was uploaded to Caters Clips’ YouTube

‘All the lovely words and remarks have made Henry and I feel so humbled that it has been difficult for us to comprehend. We are appreciative,’ Will said.

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