The sad and misunderstood life of Judy Garland. The actress constantly dreamt about eating chocolate sundaes because she was so extremely hungry.

Judy Garland, the queen of the silver screen, led a dichotomous life that few others have matched, both on and off the screen.

Judy Garland had a long and successful film career—45 years—but she also had a difficult and unhappy life.

One of the most prominent figures in Hollywood’s Golden Age was Judy Garland, but her acting career also led her to depths that are beyond comprehension. She struggled with alcoholism and other things. She died at age of 47.

Since she was a little child, she had experienced difficulty throughout her life. From an early age, her mother Ethel Marion saw Garland’s enormous potential.However, she was also very ambitious and pushed Garland to the limit in order for her to succeed.

This was her first brush with fame. She had just turned 13 years old. Garland’s acting career ran into problems when Mayer and the other MGM executives tried to shape her into the kind of star they had in mind.

She made her film debut in the musical comedy ‘Pigskin Parade,’ but the executives at MGM were unimpressed with her appearance and told her she resembled a ‘fat little pig with pigtails.’ They subsequently started a tight diet that was almost barbaric.

She was frequently dubbed ‘fat’ and made fun of. Additionally, they attempted to alter her appearance by having her teeth filled and making her wear rubber discs that altered the contour of her nose.

She always dreamt about eating chocolate sundaes since she was so hungry. It would only ever exist as a dream.

In 1939, she was cast as Dorothy in ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ and she gave a standout performance. Even now, the terrible torture that was subjected to throughout the legendary movie’s production horrifies.

Garland received barbiturates and stimulants from the studio to assist her deal with the tight shooting schedules.

In order to prevent her from being voluptuous, they additionally shackled her body. She was either 15, 16 or 16.

Since they had finally figured out a way to market Dorothy as the girl next door and God forbid that she be attractive, they didn’t want her to be voluptuous.

I believe that one of the methods they used to keep her slim, besides binding her and trying to keep her weight down, was to keep her from changing.

According to Variety, Rene Zellweger, who portrayed the actor in the biography titled ‘Judy,’ ‘They shackled her, kept her weight down, and the medicines.’

Later, Garland lamented that the studio had stolen her youth and charged her mother of failing to shield her.

When she wed David Rose at the age of 18, he was startled to learn that the studio had imposed a stringent diet on her.

Garland was required to subsist solely on black coffee, chicken soup, and appetite-suppressing smokes by Mayer.

All of this is done to keep her weight around 98 pounds or thereabouts. Her physical and emotional health suffered significantly as a result.

In ‘Little Nellie Kelly,’ she played an adult for the first time, and it was favorably received. She at the time became pregnant.

But her mother and the studio pressured her to do bad things on the grounds of her profession. Garland made an attempt on her life.

A makeup artist was instructed by director Vincente Minnelli to remove the woman’s dental caps and nose discs in order to emphasize her innate attractiveness. Garland was overwhelmed by the choice and really appreciative of the new appearance.

She and Minnelli married shortly after she fell in love with him. Lisa, their daughter, was warmly greeted.

Her acting career and drug addiction were having an adverse effect on her personal and professional lives.

She experienced a full emotional collapse while filming in 1947, and was afterwards admitted to a mental hospital. In 1948, she went back to MGM to work on ‘Easter Parade’ with Fred Astaire.

She was using drugs and drinking excessively at this period. She was fired by MGM for missing her shift on ‘The Barkleys of Broadway.’ She and Minnelli soon got divorced.

She wed the musician Mickey Deans in 1969, but they were only married for three months before she was discovered dead in her Chelsea home’s bathtub.

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