Every day the dog waits for the postman to arrive to do this… Watch the adorable video

They obviously are unaware of this remarkable dog and her cherished best friend. A dog and the mailman have a sweet sixteen-year bond in this popular TikTok video!

Are you serious? 16 years of adoration for the mailman! Clearly, the belief that the mailman and dogs are sworn foes is unfounded thanks to this pair of closest friends.

This unique friendship was documented on camera by a woman going by the name of Bridget. It depicts her elegant, senior, brown dog lounging in luxury on her preferred dog bed just outside the front entrance.

Her dog is curled up on some blankets and is impatiently awaiting her best pal. And as routine as clockwork, the mailman arrives at her door with the day’s most recent delivery of bills, junk mail, and letters as this cute puppy wags her tail and approaches to say ‘good morning, friend.’

It will make you smile and want to give your furry family member a few more scratches behind the ears since it is so precious and wonderful.

Bridget commented in addition to photographing this unique moment: ‘For 16 years, my dog and mailman have been best friends. All year long, she waits for him every day.’

With more than 1.2 million views since then, this viral film has also connected with millions of individuals online.

‘My prior mailman would give my dog treats every time he saw her, and when she wasn’t there, he’d put her food in the mailbox,’ one animal lover said in a letter. That is really sweet, isn’t it?

‘That’s the dog’s entire lifetime,’ a another viewer chimed in. I’ve never seen a narrative quite like that. That is absolutely true; Bridget’s dog and the mailman do share a unique friendship.

‘My dog equates mail trucks with treats because our letter carrier (back then) gave him a treat every day as a puppy,’ remarked another viewer who also happens to be a dog owner.

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