81-year-old performs amazing improvisation of Righteous Brothers classic for nursing home. Video below

At a nursing home reception, an 81-year-old man dazzled everyone with his note-perfect performance of ‘Unchained Melody’ by The Righteous Brothers.

When Dave Williams enquired about singing a song himself, Toni Nesbitt, a local vocalist, had just finished entertaining guests at Park View Nursing Home in Liverpool.

Then Dave sprang to his feet and completely destroyed the place. When Dave stood up, his daughter was pleading with him to get back to his seat.

However, I’m pleased I didn’t. A dementia sufferer was there in the crowd, and after my performance, I overheard her singing the song to herself.

When Dave was a teenager, he performed with his band, The Dices. In 1958, they performed in Liverpool’s Morgue Skiffle Cellar with future Beatles drummer Ringo Starr, who was then 18 years old and had not yet achieved fame.

At the age of 17, Dave made the decision to go solo and obtained a weekend gig singing at a small club for £3 per night.

In Liverpool’s Knotty Ash Village Hall in 1961, he then performed with The Beatles after his pal begged permission to join them onstage.

He also gave a performance in front of thousands of people at Paul McCartney’s 58th birthday celebration in 2000 at the Linda McCartney Centre, located inside the Royal Liverpool University Hospital, which featured Mel C. of the Spice Girls.

‘I will never ever forget it; it was all really strange. It was a little strange performing at Knotty Ash.’

Despite being slightly off key, I received a warm applause. However, visitors from all around the world gathered to celebrate Paul’s birthday.

An staffer of the elderly home recalled the audience members’ astonishment at his fervent performance and voice.

Words simply cannot express how moved we were by his performance, and he expressed a desire to play for us once more.

Dave’s singing video was published by her to the Park View TikTok account, where it received over 500,000 views.

Dave, who doesn’t use social media and has never heard of TikTok, has been astounded by the enormous internet response.

The elderly man was surprised to see that his favorite neighborhood store was clapping and cheering for him the day after he retired from the UK’s National Health Service after working as a medical assistant for almost 50 years.

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