Employees are having a dance party until their boss walks in…See what happened next (video)

Kelsey Hogan asserts that ‘sometimes you just gotta have a collective dancing break at work.’ A humorous security camera video of the employee and her coworkers dancing to ‘Cotton Eye Joe’ was uploaded by the Danville, Alabama, employee. That is, until their boss enters unexpectedly.

When Lauren, another one of Kelsey’s coworkers, notices Kelsey boogying, she joins in. Kelsey is the one who starts the party.

The group dances until their boss unexpectedly walks in, at which point Trosha jumps up from her seat to let loose. Well, it was entertaining while it lasted.

People can certainly relate to Kelsey’s video of their spontaneous dance party going viral since they have had the need to just let loose and dance at work. We suspect Kelsey may have just launched a brand-new dance fad.

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