Must see! 2 talented parrots challenge each other in a dance showdown! Video below

Thanks to the Internet, everyone has seen how horses dance, dogs sing and cats play musical instruments. But I have never seen two birds with the same sense of rhythm as the parrots Jonathan and Sadie!

This is something everyone should see at least once in their life!

This ‘dance’, where the birds shake their heads to the beat, is actually a common sign of hunger. But when music is added to their movements, it seems that funny parrots are dancing to the music.

‘Head shake’ (no music) is what chicks usually do to get food from their mothers. Perhaps that is why these wonderful parrots dance. Maybe they are waiting for their dinner or maybe they want to have some fun.

Whatever the reason behind Jonathan and Sadie’s impressive dance moves, we’re thrilled that it was captured on video!

I’m sure Jonathan and Sadie love what they do!

Watch their dance battle in the video below.

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