A homeless man performs as a busker and astounds everyone with his amazing voice.

Jonny Walker the busker and Bernard Davey the homeless man

On New Year’s Eve in Leeds, UK, busker Jonny Walker and vocalist Bernard Davey perform on the streets.

Unfortunately, Bernard passed away at the age of 66 after going through a terrible period in his life, and Jonny Walker died at the age of 37.

This movie displays the brilliance of both performers by recording a priceless moment when Bernard, a homeless man, joined in and sang a fantastic cover of George Gershwin’s Summertime.

The director of the “Keep Streets Live!” initiative was Jonny Walker. He had a strong commitment to defending the rights of homeless people and buskers nationwide.

He performed in more than 50 different towns and cities, including York, Liverpool, Chester, and Huddersfield, while promoting his cause and increasing awareness.

It was a great tragedy and everyone was horrified by Jonny’s passing. Following the news, thousands of heartfelt responses from admirers paying their respects to the late performer rushed in.

The advocacy Jonny undertook while alive and the videos on his YouTube account serve as a testament to his excellent effort.

In the video, Bernard Davey and Jonny demonstrate what Jonny was all about and why he was so adored.

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