The skill in this video is generating a lot of enthusiasm. Gold is awarded for a synchronized ice skating routine.

Canada performs admirably in this video from the 2015 World Synchronized Skating Competition.

This group of young women skates confidently and joyfully onto the ice.

Fans are going crazy for them, as we can see and hear. The spirit of the country is high.

The audience is awestruck as the fifteen women and one man begin their act. By the Road Hammers, they skate to Mud.

It’s fascinating to watch how they hold arms while skating in synchrony. It must have taken a lot of practice for them to move with such accuracy.

Like the Rockettes on ice, the group kicks. On cue, they move every part of their bodies. It’s amazing how they manage to make two half circles converge.

The group splits into fours while they continue skating at the same speed to arrive at their destinations simultaneously.

Together, they do an arabesque with one leg elevated. They spin together, boldly land as a group, and the audience applauds.

It’s simple to believe after watching this video that we could never achieve something similar because of how many hours of practice and grit it must have required.

However, they collaborated to complete a task that was exceedingly difficult and were successful.

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