It’s heartbreaking to realize how Olivia Newton-John spent her final hours.

Olivia Newton-John ruled our television screens for decades, making subsequent generations chuckle.

The singer and actress was a delight to behold at all times thanks to her beautiful smile and amiable nature.

After her performance in ‘Grease,’ something she had never experienced before, she was propelled to new heights of stardom.

She is currently one of the best-selling recording artists of all time with over 100 million albums sold.

But she also spent a significant amount of her life battling a terrible sickness. The well-known Grease actress fought breast cancer for a long time while attempting to live a normal life.

Her original cancer diagnosis, according to reports, came in 1992. Shortly after she released Back to Basics:

The Essential Collection 1971-1992, her third greatest hits CD, doctors gave her the devastating news.

When Olivia received her initial breast cancer diagnosis, she was forced to put everything on hold, including the promotion for the aforementioned record and her planned tour.

Regular checkups enabled for the early identification of Olivia Newton-cancer. John’s She had a partial mastectomy on her right breast 24 hours after receiving the diagnosis.

Despite doctors’ assurances that the prognosis was good, Olivia was ‘too upset to say anything’ when she arrived at the hospital before to her surgery.

‘I simply want to get well,’ the singer-actress said.

Newton-John, who was 43 at the time, had the choice to keep quiet about her condition, but she preferred to avoid making gory tabloid headlines.

Her decision to share her breast cancer diagnosis ultimately contributed to awareness raising and could have saved thousands of lives.

‘I draw strength from the millions of women who have overcome this obstacle,’ she said.

Following nine months of chemotherapy, acupuncture, breast reconstruction, and homeopathic treatments, Olivia made a full recovery. She then took the lead in promoting breast cancer research.

The Grease actress decided to spend millions on a ‘greenhouse’ to help with her battle against cancer. She had always insisted on eating healthily and following a rigid fitness regimen.

The mansion was built with expansive ocean views in Malibu, California. In the entire house, Olivia insisted on utilizing only non-toxic materials and forbade the use of scrap or reclaimed wood.

‘After finding out I had cancer, I kept asking myself, ‘Why?’’ Olivia told the Sunday Mirror in 1993, ‘All I could think was that the atmosphere we were living in might have led to the cancer.’

I couldn’t help but wonder if the water and air we were breathing in Los Angeles had anything to do with it. Los Angeles is overpopulated, and I felt restricted.

Olivia’s battle with illness helped her get over her fears and reassess her goals. Following the well-known female singer’s cancer diagnosis, supporters and friends from all around the world contributed hundreds of flowers and get-well cards.

Olivia stressed the importance of getting support from all of her friends, family, and followers in a 1994 interview with the Santa Cruz Sentinel.

She suggested that it can be challenging for women to focus on themselves. We always prioritize our family and others over ourselves. Usually, we come last.

You know, Mom always picks the smallest potato. Olivia Newton-John never wanted the diagnosis to break her spirit.

If you think joyful things, you’ll develop a great world around yourself and attract nice people to you,’ the British-Australian actress told Us Weekly in 2019.

But Olivia Lattanzi’s daughter Chloe once told 9News that the family had gone through a lot of hardship because of her mother’s cancer treatment.

The night sweats would wake me up. In her first broadcast interview, when asked about her mother’s illness, she admitted, ‘I kind of pushed it; I didn’t deal with it.

When Olivia, 68, learned in 2017 that her cancer had spread to her bones, she was heartbroken. The Grease actress was informed by doctors that her back pain was being caused by breast cancer that had spread to her sacrum, a bone in the lower back. As a result, she would need to cancel numerous concerts.

Olivia experienced ‘absolute knowingness’ that she could turn things around once more when she received radiation therapy and other wellness procedures.

After two weeks, her husband John Easterling stated that Olivia’s discomfort had ‘gone from an 8 to around a 2.’

Despite her battle with the illness, the singer persisted in pushing research and kept her positive outlook.

In October 2021, Olivia transferred full ownership of her Santa Barbara home to her loyal husband John Easterling.

Olivia enjoyed helping people. Olivia spent the final 20 years of her life assisting others, according to a close friend of hers.

She wanted to leave something behind for her kid as well, something that would last.
According to Olivia Newton-Totti John’s Goldsmith, the icon’s health declined during the course of the last five days of her life.

Melbourne-based ‘It’s not a unexpected we’ve known how sick she’s been, especially the last five days,’Totti told A Current Affair.

Totti couldn’t get to her aunt’s residence in Southern California in time, so she said her final goodbyes over the phone. Olivia’s husband set them up on Facetime so they could speak one last time.

‘I told her everything I had to say. I could see she understood,’ Totti stated as she turned to leave.

Totti, whose mother was Olivia’s sister, also revealed that the Grease actress went through tremendous pain in her last moments.

‘Her death was caused by more than just the cancer; she also contracted additional diseases as a result of being hospitalized and having a weakened immune system. She asserted that secondary infections ensued.

Totti also described an experience from a few years back when she visited her aunt at the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute’s Melbourne location. Olivia, who was there receiving care, seemed unwell.

She was pretty underweight and frail, so I questioned whether she was concerned about passing away. Totti recalled.

She continued, addressing me by my nickname, ‘I’m not afraid, Plonker, I’ve accomplished more in my life than I could have ever imagined.’

She was genuinely unaware of how her life would develop.

At the age of 73, Olivia passed away on August 8, 2022. She reportedly passed away peacefully at home in Southern California, surrounded by loved ones, according to her Instagram account.

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