A thief comes into the home of a 79-year-old woman and finds he chose the wrong grandma to bother.

Gwendolyn Agard, 79, must have seemed like an easy target to a robber because she lives alone. A 20-year-old burglar entered her house using a rubber mallet.

Despite her fear, the elderly woman maintained her composure because she understood that she needed to act quickly. Additionally, she made sure the invader understood she meant business.

Guns are kept in Gwendolyn’s house; specifically, pistols with calibers of.38 and.45. For situations like this,

when she knew she had no alternative but to defend herself and her property, she had stored these firearms.

She issued him a profanity-laced verbal warning before he even entered. She warned him that he would perish if he entered her house.

This did not stop him, though. Gwendolyn was disgusted to see that he was naked when he entered her house. He didn’t have any pants on; he was naked, the grandma recalled.

She opted to fire a warning shot with a.38 revolver because she could tell he wasn’t going to back down, but even that wasn’t enough to stop him from breaking into her house and raiding her possessions.

‘He had entered, so she called the police, pleading with them to act quickly. Lord, have mercy,’ when capturing her. 45 revolver prepared.

She fired her.45 at the intruder as he descended the stairs. The message was very clear this time. Are you trying to hurt me, he asked her, according to what she recalled.

She claimed that she then said, ‘Oh, you finally received the message! The intruder hurried back up the stairs and hid in a closet at this point, realizing the danger.

Fortunately, the cops showed up quickly and took the nude intruder into custody. In an interview with 11Alive, Gwendolyn stated, ‘I don’t know what his aim was, but I know what mine was.’

She explained that she was fearless since she knew that her children would be devastated if she were to perish. And suddenly I was filled with enthusiasm.

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