They are practically alive. The works of the Chinese sculptor are compared to the masterpieces of the Renaissance.

Such attention to detail in sculpture as Luo Li Rongyin has rarely been seen. And perhaps this is for the best, because true beauty must be rare, valuable and desirable.

And her works seem to be created in order to come to life one day. Or rather, they look like living beings, frozen for centuries by the will of magical masters.

Luo Li Rong frankly admits that she was inspired by the Renaissance and also took old modeling techniques from there.

Yes, this is clay.Special composition

Movement at every crease and this is no exaggeration

And the sculptures are quite large

Color is just as important as shape

Luo Li Rong’s sculptures would easily grace any gallery, but she doesn’t intentionally create things that are out of bounds. Better big and simple than small and harder.

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