Check out this touching father-daughter dance that was performed at a wedding and quickly became a popular internet video.

Sean Swanson with his lovely blonde daughter, Allie Mancuso!

The pair is positioned at the bottom of a double staircase and in front of four white columns that stand precisely below where both sets of steps meet in the air when the film begins.

A smoke machine near the sound system snuggled under the stairs is producing fog. The setting is stunning!

For their dance, they’ve chosen a traditional tune. It’s Bob Carlisle’s ‘Butterfly Kisses,’ and it’s amazing! They converse and smile.

Allie pats her father on the back, and he nods in agreement. As the two share a gorgeous, sweet dance, there is a spin, two more, and a fourth.

But… At 1:18, we hear a record scratch and the music changes drastically, and the father and daughter are perplexed. They are, however, taunting us, and that is all part of the plan!

Dad takes off his suit coat, and the two start bobbing their heads to ‘What is Love’ like Chris Kattan at The Roxbury.

Sean and Allie quickly dance to ‘Shake Your Groove Thing,’ MC Hammer to ‘U Can’t Touch This,’ then tear it up with a mean Cotton-Eyed Joe! These two are blazing!

Then there’s ballroom dancing, the robot, and a Swanson-Mancuso rendition of ‘Jump On It.’ Fortunately, Allie is dressed in ballerina flats, which should make all of the fancy routines easier.

The fact that she’s wearing lace, tulle, or satin doesn’t slow her down one bit. Dad is equally animated, and the two exude personality with their amusing facial expressions!

At 3:10, Allie announces the following song/question to the audience: ‘Y’all Ready for This?’

They may not be from outer space, as the song suggests, but their dance is out of this world! Dad will soon be channeling Tom Jones!

Over the following 70 seconds, this amazing, creative couple takes us through a half-dozen different music snippets and dancing parts before bidding bye, bye, bye, compliments of NSYNC!

Dad looks aside for a second, and Allie gives him the sweetest, greatest embrace from behind. It’s very cute! Applause and high-fives erupt!

What a wonderful present they gave to each other while working on their personal song, and what a fantastic time they gave to their friends and family that special night! Congratulations, Allie and Sean! Excellent work!

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