The man bought a 130 kg watermelon, but when he cut it, he was very surprised

In summer, we crave fresh berries and fruits more than ever. Watermelon is especially popular in that region.

It is impossible to imagine summer without it. Naturally, the berry has always been known to lovers of delicacies.

But in recent decades, breeders have bred an incredible number of very different varieties that differ in their taste properties and shapes.

Today there are even red and square watermelons. The latter, by the way, gained incomparable popularity at the time.

Are large watermelons the tastiest?
Let’s start with a little story.Once in one of the markets of a small Russian town, a man bought an absolutely incredible watermelon.He got a huge green berry weighing 130 kilograms.

He immediately called the family and said that today will be a real party.He was walking and only thinking how they will enjoy this ripe watermelon.

The man was happy that he managed to buy such a watermelon.After all, the seller would definitely not be left without money.

The giant watermelon caught the attention of everyone who walked around the market that day.

When the man finally came home, he couldn’t even cut a watermelon that big right away. Suffering, he nevertheless succeeded. But after that he was incredibly surprised.

It turned out that the 130-kilogram watermelon was half empty, and the whole pulp was dry.He wanted to see juicy red pieces, but instead, pale yellow flesh appeared before his eyes.The watermelon didn’t look very appetizing, and I certainly didn’t want to eat it.

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