During the flight, the woman suddenly hears the flight attendant giving her name over the loudspeaker. What happens next will excite you

Lora Caruso is profiled in this Inside Edition report. Lora is a flight attendant who met her ‘favorite teacher ever’ while working on an aircraft on National Teacher’s Day. How’s that for serendipity?

Lora cautions visitors that she will become emotional during her announcement, and then goes on to add that she hasn’t seen Miss O’Connell since 1990! She’s on the plane, and Lora simply has to acknowledge her after all these years!

Lora informs Miss O’Connell’s other travelers that Miss O’Connell was her high school English and music instructor.

Lora attributes her love of Shakespeare and ambition to play the piano to her teacher. Those are two extremely significant feats on their own!

Lora not only learned to play the piano; she also earned a Master’s Degree in piano! Lora claims she can also compose an essay, something she does not always manage.

However, Miss O’Connell’s beneficial influence on Lora may extend far beyond what she instilled and delivered to her.

Lora runs down the aisle of the plane to give Miss O’Connell a great hug, as the video continues. Lora informs Miss O’Connell that she has made her day, but she has made her life!

The Inside Edition reporter speaks to Lora near the end of the video about their touching reunion.

Lora shows a yearbook photo of her stunning, all-around instructor, and then adds something intriguing.

Lora claims, ‘she spared me from so much,’ but it’s safe to conclude that Miss O’Connell was a role model and guiding force for Lora during those vital years!

Teaching is so difficult these days. It’s unfortunate that we don’t always appreciate the amazing influence of teachers and educators until many years later.

But how nice it would be to share that love and respect with today’s professionals—those who make a difference in the lives of children every day.

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