95-year-old Dick Van Dyke and his wife prove that the difference in 46 years did not hinder love! See the incredible story below

Dick Van Dyke is considered a real legend of American show business. Actor, comedian, TV presenter, dancer and singer.

The 95-year-old star is full of energy today. Van Dyke calls his 49-year-old wife Arlene Silver the main reason for his activity.


Dick Van Dyke met Arlene in 2006. She was working as a make-up artist then, and the artist was in her chair as a client.

Despite the impressive age difference, they quickly found a common language and started communicating as good friends.

And soon their communication grew into a full-fledged novel. Silver began to appear with the actor on the red carpet, they began to live as a married couple. They officially confirmed this status in 2012.

Happy marriage

Over the years, their marriage only got stronger.Dick and Arlene grew so close to each other that now they almost never part. As the artist admitted, the new beloved ‘gave him a third life’.

According to Van Dyke, the secret of mutual understanding is simple. ‘I am emotionally immature, and Arlin is much wiser than his age. That’s how we met in the middle.’

In turn, Arlin admitted that her husband always supports her, thanks to him she began to believe in herself.

Before meeting her husband, she had many unsuccessful relationships, but only with Dick she wanted to go under the crown.

Surroundings were skeptical about the intention of Dick and Arlin to get married. At the time of the wedding, he was 86, and she was 40.

But the lovers did not listen to others and trusted their feelings, which they do not regret now. After 9 years of marriage, they are still happy.

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