High school quarterback fulfills promise made as a child by taking teen with Down syndrome to prom.

Ben Moser, a quarterback for Susquehanna, was good friends with someone back in elementary school. Mary is the person in question, and she has Down syndrome.

This didn’t stop them from becoming buddies though. The two of them actually cherished their time together.

According to Ben, Mary was ‘very cool,’ as reported by the Patriot News. She was kind and pleasant to be around. He was polite and he was nice, Mary continued.

In fourth grade, they became friends, but Ben’s mother was unaware of it until the conclusion of the academic year when her son enquired about whether or not prom was an option for those who have Down syndrome.

Ben attended his cousin’s prom walk, and on the way home, he asked his mother, ‘Mom, do kids like Mary go to prom?’

I replied, ‘Sure, honey, if they ask. Why do you inquire? He continued, ‘Well, you know what? Mary will be going to prom with me.

A few years later, even though Mary had already made preparations for her prom night and Ben and Mary had attended different high schools during that period, it was time for Ben to keep his pledge.

Ben attended Susquehanna High School while Mary attended Central Dauphin, the high school where her father taught math. However, they were devoted sports fans.

Ben was the quarterback for his school’s football team, while Mary was in charge of the equipment.

Even though they were essentially competitors, Ben had to keep his word.Ben jokingly said, ‘I don’t believe it should be too odd.’

There are decent children there.
In fact, he went to Mary’s house to ask her to attend to prom with him after purchasing balloons with the word «prom» written on them.

Mary was unaware that Ben would be interested in taking her to prom. She was excited to go with her friend, though.With a smile, Mary said, ’I was astonished. I had some pals coming with me.

Ben and Mary looked fantastic in their coordinated uniforms on the big day, and their parents and fourth-grade teacher were present as well, all of whom had large smiles—and perhaps a few tears—in their eyes.

Ben’s mother posted on Facebook, ‘Today with joyous tears in my eyes and down my cheeks I watched a promise made, 7 years ago, to a lovely daughter fulfilled.’

One of the absolute best educators to ever work with our kids! I sincerely appreciate Tracey Spogli’s unconditional love for our two children and know that she will always do so. I adore you!

There’s no denying that the teenagers had a memorable evening because they looked amazing in their prom photos.

Ben probably had a lot of girls who would have wanted to be his prom date because he was a quarterback. He made the most admirable decision by choosing his friend Mary in this instance.

Before they go for the dance, the nice pals are interviewed in the video below below.

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