A 65-year-old woman had quadruples three years ago.See what happened with them and how she currently lives. PHOTO

At the present time, quite a number of women give birth to children after 40 years. For some, this is the ideal moment because the woman was able to realize her professional goals and earn money to support her and her future children.

This article will focus on Annegret Raunig, a 65-year-old German woman who gave birth to quadruplets. She also has 7 grandchildren and 13 children.

You might find it surprising that a woman would desire to become a mother at such a young age, but Annegret genuinely enjoys raising kids.

That was the cause for giving birth to another child. In addition, her youngest 10-year-old daughter dreamed of a little brother or sister.

All the physicians informed Annegret about the significant risks, but this did not stop her the woman nevertheless agreed on artificial implantation of embryos. As a result, she had four children.

All this time, Annegret worked as a teacher and raised all the children herself. A quadruple’s birth also set a record that was entered into the Guinness Book of World Records.

3 years have passed after the appearance of the quadruple and the family enjoys a very active life now.

The family relocated from Berlin to Herster after the babies were born, where they purchased a sizable home.

The woman is confident that she will remain healthy and active for many more years, so she does not worry about the future.

The teacher claims that she did not consider the opinions of others when making such a choice, but rather based it entirely on her own preferences.

The government also provided the mother of several children with two bonuses. They further claim that Annegret signed a deal with a particular TV network, giving it the authority to discuss family issues.

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