A video of a police officer dancing at a hospital has gone viral. See what he says about it.

Officer Corporal Eric Hudson made the decision to volunteer as a street monitor in order to motivate others and alter public perceptions of law enforcement.

He is doling out copious amounts of joy rather than tickets. And he gives this wonderful present in the hospital, a setting where folks could certainly need a pick-me-up.

As you cross the street to the Cleveland hospital, you can’t help but smile as Eric warmly welcomes staff, clients, and total strangers with a fancy two-step.

As a result, he has earned the nickname ‘dancing crossing guard,’ and this lovely ray of light also experiences some happiness.

People approach me and say, ‘Thank you, I needed this,’ he said. He added, ‘To see caregivers walking into work, energetic, it’s nothing like it.’

He dances and greets everyone while playing music through a speaker while directing traffic. Corporal Eric has gained widespread popularity in a matter of weeks, which is not surprising given that happiness is a gift that never runs out.

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