To help find work for his two children with a Down syndrome, this man did something amazing and inspiring

One Ohio parent went above and above to give his Down syndrome children a sense of purpose. He created a unique job plan for his kids because he was aware of the difficulties in finding employment for them.

Joel Wegener loves and adores his kids. Despite having Down syndrome, they both refused to let it hold them back.

With a caring father like Joel, the possibilities were endless, and they went on many outings together.

One of the family’s most recent endeavors made headlines and served as inspiration for people in comparable circumstances.

In April 2021, Joel had the brilliant idea to purchase a used ice cream truck. The retired instructor paid somewhat more than $6,000 for the vehicle, which after some repairs was roadworthy.

He hired his children and taught them a range of social and professional skills.

As a play on the words ‘special needs,’ Freida Wegener, Joel’s wife, came up with the witty name ‘Special Neat Treats,’ which quickly gained popularity in their area.

Joel claims that the family has sold over 10,000 candies in the Cincinnati region, and they have plans to grow their company.

Josh and Mary Kate were the best workers; they were always smiling and giving out ice cream. They showed other families of children with exceptional needs that nothing is impossible, which had a positive impact on them.

Although Joel believed that his kids would enjoy the ice cream truck, he was unsure of how other people would feel. They received support and encouragement from the public for their small business.

While Josh and Mary Kate would always need him, the father realized that the ice cream truck gave them a sense of independence and gave them something to think about. He continued, ‘It’s much more than just selling ice cream.’

The town of Loveland comes out in droves every hot day to buy the delicious popsicles the family makes.

Mary Kate couldn’t hide her excitement because the job was something she had always wanted.

She had always wished she could do what her father did with him, and now she could. Joel remarked:

The ice cream truck has eased our concerns about what [Mary] would be able to do after she turned 22.

The family, according to Joel, has sold over 10,000 candies in the Cincinnati area, and they intend to expand their business in the future.

Josh and Mary Kate’s creative and original business idea has allowed them to learn how to manage money and interact with others while having fun.

Josh gave these reasons why he loved his job: Because they love ice cream and scream for it when they ask for it, the customers.

The family believes that businesses should hire more people with a variety of talents because they are capable of doing so much, and they also want to raise awareness for the special needs community.

Josh and Mary Kate’s heartwarming tale was well-received. Many people applauded the nice father who went above and beyond for his children and were inspired by their efforts.

‘Thank you so much from my husband and I for everything you do! His eyes start to well up with tears each time. ‘May the Lord keep blessing you in all that you do!’

16 September 2022 (Michelle Liga) ‘Neat Treats, you already know how much I adore you. You and your spouse are fantastic, Frieda! I wish Charleston would provide for our special needs kids in this way.

July 26, 2022 Cindy McGarett

‘Everyone can enjoy themselves so much on this amazing tour.’

24 December 2021 (JoElla Miller-Zimmerman)
I just checked you all out after seeing you all on Today.
Congratulations on a job well done!

24 December 2021 (Candace W. Monaghan)
From the moment I first met you in junior high, you have served as an inspiration to me. ‘You’re talented!’

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