What was found in the secret chamber of the Cheops pyramid? Discovery of the century

The Cheops pyramid is one of the seven wonders of the world. It is the only one that has survived and has survived to this day, unlike other structures that are also included in this list.

According to Egyptologists, the pyramid is the tomb of the pharaoh, but it is not known exactly what such a magnificent building was intended for, because the body of the pharaoh, as well as his wife, have not been found yet.

In general, the pyramid is full of unsolved mysteries and unsolved puzzles.That is why his research uses different methods,

for example, scientists recently decided to study the inside of the pyramid using muon tomography.What did they find there?

Room puzzle

What is hidden in the room discovered by physicists?Indeed, there are many assumptions about this.

For example, there is a hypothesis that it may contain books and artifacts of the legendary Atlantis.

Someone claims that the camera can detect a direct connection between the Egyptians and the aliens, because alien objects were found in it.

There are people who hope that it will remove the time capsule left by the representatives of past Earth civilizations.

However, most Egyptologists are inclined to believe that the actual tomb of Cheops himself is located in the great hollow.And the palace with the king’s sarcophagus was built to mislead.

Some sources indicate that the room may have contained a pharaoh’s throne made of meteorite. This idea originated in the head of the Italian archaeologist Giulio Magli.

He noted that the pyramid was built at a time when the Egyptians were already familiar with meteorite iron.

For example, one of Tutankhamun’s daggers is made of this iron. Moreover, Magli’s assumption is confirmed by the beliefs of the ancient Egyptians.

According to them, after death, the pharaoh should first overcome the gates of heaven and sit on the iron throne.

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