‘Home Alone’ fans learn about Joe Pesci’s ‘hidden’ role 32 years after premiere

Some fans of the famous movie ‘Home Alone’realized only in 2022 that the role of the policeman and the robber is played by the same actor, Joe Pesci, reports The Daily Mail.

At the beginning of the film, which premiered in 1990, a man in a police uniform calling himself Larry Balzac arrives at the McCallister home.

The main character’s father, Peter, shows what precautions are taken at home in case of theft.

He also says that they will leave the house soon, because they are going on vacation with the whole family.

It soon turns out that the policeman is actually the same robber who wore a uniform to extract information and mark the location of the robbery.

‘Wait… the cop at the beginning of Home Alone is the robber at the end? ‘Hey, how old were you when you found out that the same actor played the cop and the robber?’

’It took me over 10 years to realize that the cop in Home Alone was a thief in disguise,’ they wrote.

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