See what the bride did during the vow ceremony that surprised the groom and the guests. Video

Every couple has a backstory, a tale of how they arrived at the altar and exchanged vows in front of loved ones, friends, and God.

Some people will find it easy and clear-cut. Others, though, may find it a little more difficult. In a popular video, the couple traveled a long way to say ’I do.’

The majority of people have seen the video where a bride blows the dust off of her vows. Her future husband is left speechless and beaming after the relocation.

Byron and Christie, the duo who caused the comical cleansing of the bride’s vows, are now telling what took place before that.

In 2007, when they were both in their 20s, they first began dating. But not long after, a significant event changed the plans for their future.

‘My father died. Yeah, unexpectedly, and it was extremely, incredibly hard on us because Christie and I both looked up to my dad a lot.’ In the video, Byron says.

The counsel Byron received from his father caused the pair to postpone their nuptials.

In the video, Byron said, ’My dad always wanted me to go back to graduate school and pursue my profession in architecture.

And I sort of set that aside because I wasn’t really sure of my career goals. Additionally, he advised: ‘If you decide to get married, be sure you can support your wife and family.’

Then, in 2016, Byron had the chance to return to school for graduate work. Christie agreed after discussing it with her.

But I was aware that his personal success was crucial to me. I thus made an effort to offer my full support,’ Christie added.

After completing graduate school, Byron began working as an architect in 2019.

Then, on the Clemson University campus, Byron made his proposal. They finally got married after 15 years of dating!

In terms of Christie’s funny move’s viral video, Byron hopes it shows the strength and power of love.

The fact that we laugh and joke around all the time, Byron added, ‘having been together for so long, is one of the things that strengthens us together.’

‘Laughter is essential to our relationship, and I hope the film serves as a tribute to the power of love.’

And time is not an obstacle for love. And perhaps it makes other people happy and smile while they watch it.

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