An Honest Essay Written by a Daughter About Her Father. The father’s reaction is priceless.

Preslee Scott submitted an essay for school that was unflinchingly honest about her father, Casey Scott.It’s sad, yet the girl has wisdom beyond her years.

A number of years later, when he finally gets around to reading the letter aloud, he is moved to tears by the ‘raw and true’ sentiments written in it.

Casey Scott didn’t even turn 15 before he imbibed. Furthermore, this morphed into a full-fledged addiction over time.

As the eldest of Casey Scott’s three daughters, Preslee Scott had the best perspective from which to observe the destruction wrought by her father’s alcoholism.

She revealed its impact on her in an article she wrote about her father when she was 14 years old and titled ’Back Then and Now.’

As a result of their parents’ ultimate divorce, Preslee’s kids now split their time between living with each of them. Preslee’s exposure to her father’s drinking was magnified by the loss of her mother.

Preslee felt obligated to protect her younger siblings from their father’s substance abuse after their parents’ divorced. Their relationship suffered greatly as a result of this.

After a potentially fatal car accident, Casey Scott voluntarily checked himself into a rehab facility.

He had as much trouble as his kids. During Casey’s initial recovery, his children were unable to spend much time with him.

Even after completing treatment, he was terminated from his job and faced the daunting task of rebuilding his life from scratch.

After overcoming her own addiction, Casey Scott is now dedicated to helping those who are in a similar position.

He worked in rehabilitation for a while and used that time to reflect on the pain he had caused his family.After Casey had been clean for a while, he had a realization regarding his daughter.

Professor Xavier praised Preslee’s ‘Back Then And Now’ essay, which she had written about her father.

The teacher suggested Casey read it. It was like someone punched him in the stomach when he realized it.

It was a deeply moving experience for everyone when Casey Scott read his daughter’s essay aloud on his show. He is almost unable to contain his emotions as he reads the touching words.

He said, ’I am really delighted that she accomplished this, and I read it in the hope that someone hears this and learns that consumption is a family sickness.’ However, I am extremely sorry for my actions.

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