In a new interview, Antonio Banderas told what changed in his life after a heart disease six years ago.

According to the actor, he is glad that he had to endure, because it made him look at many things from the other side.

‘Perhaps that stroke was the best thing that happened to me.It was as if I put on glasses and started to see everything that is really important.’

I returned to Spain and began to treat my professional activities differently.I think I received an important message and I used it correctly,’ Banderas told Radio Times.

‘After my graduation, I choose roles that only bring me pleasure. I am not interested in anything else. For me, life begins when someone says:’Do it,’ Banderas added.

After that, he revised his life and views. He made such a confession earlier. ‘It turned out that everything I worried about every day was pointless.

I thought why am I afraid of death, I knew it would happen one day, but then I really felt it. Death was near.’

It should be noted that in 2017, the actor was taken to the hospital due to chest pains that appeared during training. Later it became known that it was a heart attack.

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