A Woman’s Office Message Becomes Popular. You’ll Laugh As Hard As We Did, We Promise!

The presence of a refrigerator in the break room of an office is not uncommon, and it is typically something that is quite convenient to have.

Typically, workers will make use of the device by putting their lunch, snacks, drinks, and a number of other goods inside of it to keep them cool and secure.

However, there are some individuals who don’t appear to be aware of, or care about, the distinction between what is theirs and what belongs to someone else.

If you had something in the refrigerator and went to get it, only to find that it was empty or that it had been taken, that would be extremely frustrating, to say the least.

As was the situation with one woman who worked in an office where she and her coworkers also shared a refrigerator.

She kept a container of coffee creamer in the refrigerator, and whenever she checked on the bottle, she found that it contained significantly less of the creamer than she had recalled.

She was so annoyed by the sloppiness and impoliteness of her coworkers that she decided to take her anger out on the bottle by writing a letter and taping it to it.

‘Good morning!’ it said in the note. To the person who has been using my coffee creamer this entire week, surprise!

When they finished reading the rest of the note, her coworker was in for a major shock. You have been consuming my breast milk, continued the message. I hope you enjoyed it. Cheers!’

The person who drank it might not have cared at all, but it’s likely that they didn’t like the surprise!

We may never know if the bottle actually contained breast milk. However, it’s hysterically funny any way. The fact that the note has gained popularity and generated a lot of discussion is amusing.

Many people responded that they found it amusing, and one person said that the best retort would be to attach a letter that said, ‘Refill please,’ to the initial note. That would be hilarious, right?

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