Reaction of a Woman to her sister’s attempt to surprise her by traveling for 26 hours…Video

Observe the emotional response of this woman after her sister travels 26 hours to surprise her.

If you have sisters like I do, you will adore this enchanted moment. I was fortunate to have two sisters among my five siblings.

At age five, I realized that when my mother brought my younger sister home, I had an instant best friend. Every night was a pleasant sleepover, except for the night she wet the bed.

As we grew older, we drifted apart as I engaged in all the activities of adolescence and she stood on the sidelines.

She frequently felt left out and did everything her younger sisters did. She read my journal (and showed it to my mom).

She ransacked my closet, stole my favorite makeup, and hung on any boy I brought home like a monkey. Due to our 12-year age difference, my younger sister perceived me more as a mother figure.

Now, if you’re reading this, I’m guessing that you couldn’t resist clicking the link after reading the title since you know what it means to have a sister.

You recognize her as your fierce warrior companion. I imagine that life has placed you in a different state, and there are times when phone calls, Facebook, and FaceTime are insufficient substitutes for seeing your sister in person.

If so, watching a woman travel more than 26 hours to surprise her sister will cause you to become emotional and possibly teary-eyed.

I do not know whether the 26 hours represents a cross-country drive or a trip from California to New York with layovers and delays.

Perhaps one sister resides in the United States and the other in Australia.Regardless, this woman ran a marathon to hug her sister in person. Her sister’s response is sincere.

She is so amazed and stunned that she screamed so loudly that her niece began to cry. However, the moment they embrace is lovely.

I hope that these two got the opportunity to stay up late, catch up on life, and discuss their anxieties, doubts, and aspirations.

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