When the boy saw what was written in the letter, his eyes filled with tears. Details below

Carter Wiles, an 11-year-old child, received the best present his relatives announced to him that they were preparing to adopt him.This story takes place in the American state of Ohio.

Leah Kiefart, Carter’s aunt, says everyone close to her knows that the child lives with dysfunctional parents.

The woman spoke with other family members sharing her thoughts on adopting the boy. Together, they agreed that the best solution for Carter would be to welcome him into their large family.

Carter spent his time having fun with his cousins, aunt and uncle. The little one received many gifts as well as a touching letter offering him to become a member of their family.

The aunt put the letter and a family photograph among other gifts. When Carter read the letter, he burst into tears.

‘Carter, look, this is a photo of our family taken just recently. Our whole family wants to see you in the next

photo and we want you to be part of our family. Carter, do you want to be Kiefart, our son and brother? We love you,’ Aunt Leah wrote.

After finishing the reading, Carter gave his emotional nod. The aunt rushed to the boy and hugged him tightly.

In the background, the uncle’s voice can be heard saying, ‘Now you can stay here forever or until you turn 18, then I’ll kick you out of here,’ joked the male.

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