Disabled woman receives free backyard makeover from complete strangers, and the results are spectacular. Video

Her yard was unattractive and overgrown. But once they were done, it was breathtakingly gorgeous.

Free service to others is a kind deed that we rarely overlook.

Companies who engage in this practice are aware that it is difficult to provide goods or services to people without expecting payment in return.

Even though it’s a loss, these people don’t seem to care. Some people even see these circumstances as the ideal chance to lend a hand to others.

Blake Hawthorn shared his blessings with everyone around him by drawing on his life experience.

He began his adventure in 2008, working as a lawn care worker to pay for his college fees.He put in a lot of effort and dedication to finish his studies while working in the yard.

He then took advantage of his skills and launched his business.The emphasis of its HIS grass is on irrigation, hardscaping, and lawn maintenance.

Blake wants to give back to the neighborhood that helped him succeed since he is a Christian.

He started a YouTube channel to showcase his lawn care expertise, connect with people who might need his services, and provide free services to them.

A true blessing for the neighborhood. And when he was unable to locate a home to assist, he prayed to locate a building to renovate.

Blake spotted this house that appeared rundown.

He discovered that the owners’ family did not have the time to maintain their yard.The husband and child of the crippled wife put in long hours each week to support the family.

When Blake came to the rescue and offered to help, they had no one else to take care of their grass.

Blake and his friend Kevin got the go-ahead from the family and then they started the project.

The entire lawn was being mowed by Kevin from Fall River Lawn Care, who also documented the home’s transformation on his YouTube channel.

With the edgers and the string trimmer, Blake began cutting back the overgrown branches.

Weeds can be seen scuttling through the concrete walkway of the house from its garden bed.

The path became evident in a short while. There is still a ton of work to be done.He continued by removing small branches and twigs from the garden bed.

These made up the majority of Blake’s output and there were many of them.

After he cut them off, the landscape appeared far better and more orderly. It took him some time to complete this.

The limbs of the trees had to be cut off because they were too dry for new leaves to grow.He gave it a good cut because he could still save a few shrubs.

Blake used his hedge trimmer to give the shrubs a new, appealing shape and a vibrant green appearance.

He raked the yard’s trash and debris out with the blower after clearing the area.All the cutting made a noticeable difference, as you can see!

Finally, he went back with his team to feed the ground cover.

To keep the weeds out, they put a layer of landscape cloth or membrane cover.Finally, they added fresh mulch to the bed to ensure the success and growth of the plants.

It’s amazing how Blake’s straightforward consideration for his neighbor produced such a tidy yard.

The woman was surprised by what she witnessed at the end of the film, as indicated by the title (surely overly grateful too).

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