This housekeeper was lost for words for several seconds… Gratitude was the only thing she felt for the biggest surprise ever…

The surprise of her life forced Cleveland, Ohio cleaning lady Cara Simmons to lay down the mop and go for a glass of champagne.

A ‘prank for charity’ organization called Prank It Forward surprised the widowed mother of three in 2014.

She entered a property to clean it while it was being secretly recorded, and then was told’she could keep the four-bedroom house ‘forever.’

She was speechless for a few seconds. ‘Thank you’ was the only thing she could say.Glo Nicholson, Cara’s sister, argued that she earned the reward.

Cara is a wonderful person and a wonderful sister. She is kind and diligent. She would relieve you of the shift, she claimed in an interview.

Mary Jo, Cara’s employer, reached the same conclusion.Calling Prank It Forward to nominate Cara was done by Mary and Glo.

Mary remarked, ‘She gives her everything, to her work and her family.’Cara had been struggling financially, and she had also been exhausted, which increased her medical costs.

Unexpected present
Prior to the Prank It Forward surprise, Mary let Cara know she would be seeing a crucial client.

Cara had no idea that everything was a set. The client, who was portrayed by an actress, told her that when

she came, the house had already been cleaned.She then invited Cara to dine a delicious meal at the dinner table.

Cara was asked to experience a four-hand massage after a lunch that featured lobster, truffle, and a piece of pumpkin cheesecake.

What’s happening, she yelled. Cara senses something is off when a removals man arrives with boxes containing her possessions. It happens right after she hands over the house keys.

‘There’s a master bedroom here, there’s a room for every kid,’ Prank It Forward star Greg Benson adds after removing his disguise.

‘This is your house,’ he says, ‘and you can live here for the rest of your life. You can also pass it on to your children and grandkids.

In addition, Cara and her sister received an all-inclusive trip to Mexico’s Riviera Maya.

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