Everything is not over yet! Jolie wants to meet Pete’s new girlfriend. Here’s why…

Only fans began to rejoice for the actor, who left the legal dispute with his ex in the past and started a new life for his beloved, when Angie appeared on the horizon again.

For many years, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were considered the most harmonious couple in the world: they did charity together, raised six children,

were in-demand actors and at the same time found time for each other. Sometimes even from the outside it was clear what sparks of passion were flying between them.

For everyone around, this union was eternal. they formed as two halves of one whole. However, the happiness was short-lived.

In 2014, the celebrities got married, and two years later, Angie filed for divorce.

The separation was painful for both actors. at first, Jolie and Pitt sued for the custody of the children, but as soon as they settled this issue, they immediately found a new temptation joint ownership.

Now the ex-spouses are spending millions of dollars on lawyers trying to figure out who will get the next

vineyard, and continue to reveal the dirtiest details of their marriage.Over the past year, fans have learned about their relationship the unimaginable and very bad things…

Personally, Jolie and Pitt have not seen each other for a long time, they resolve all issues through lawyers.

But it seems that soon the actors will enter each other’s lives again. After all, Angelina wants to meet her ex-husband Ines de Ramon’s new lover.

Last year Brad still met a girl whom all the acquaintances of the actor called his new love. A 29-year-old

star health coach, slim, energetic and very beautiful Ines won the actor’s heart as quickly as Angie once did.

The actress decided to intervene in their relationship right now, because now their romance is not a passing affair.

The 30-year age difference did not scare the lovers. Pete took it upon himself. She lost weight, pumped up and changed her style to match her young lover.

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