Charming Claudia Cardinale is 84 years old. What does the actress look like now?

Claudia Cardinale is one of the most famous, popular and vibrant actresses of world cinema. She became famous for her amazing beauty, charm, talent and elegance.

She worked on the same stage with such stars as Marcello Mastroianni, Alain Delon, Omar Sharif, Jean Paul Belmondo. The filmography of the actress has more than 100 films.

But as a child, the future star did not even think about the career of an actress. At first, she wanted to become a teacher, and in her teenage years, she really wanted to do missionary work.

Her parents brought her up in a puritanical style, so even as a famous actress she did not allow herself freedom.

It can be said that the career of the actress started by accident

At the age of 14, she played the first not the biggest role, but critics appreciated the girl’s talent.

From then on, he began to receive offers to act regularly. In the 90s, the actress still acted occasionally, but in the early 2000s she left the cinema.

Now he is 84 years old.

Claudia does charity work and supports people with AIDS…

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