Angelina Jolie has a new romance with a billionaire… You will be surprised when you know who he is…

After breaking up with Brad Pitt, many novels were attributed to this main Hollywood beauty, but she,

did not comment on anything. Perhaps Jolie still found ’the one’ in the face of the 44-year-old billionaire, with whom she was seen on a date.

David Mayer de Rothschild is an eco-activist from a family of billionaire bankers.In 2010, he traveled from San Francisco to Sydney in a catamaran made of plastic bottles.

Jolie decided to thoroughly prepare for the meeting with David, so she chose a long black dress that shows the open back of the actress.

We hope that Angelina will soon officially introduce her lover and say goodbye to the single status.

The life of Jolie and Pitt

Let’s remind that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have six children: Maddox Sivan, Pax Tien, Knox Leon, Zahara Marley,

Shiloh Nouvel and Vivienne Marcheline. All have the last name Jolie-Pitt. Note that all three, Shiloh, Knox, and Vivienne, are biological.

Hollywood actors Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt broke up with a scandal 6 years ago, but the details of their relationship still appear in the information space and are shocking.

Let’s remind that in 2005, Brad Pitt divorced Jennifer Aniston. And in January 2006, Pitt and Jolie confirmed their romance,

and also announced the impending addition. The lovers had a wedding in 2014. However, two years later, the couple broke up.

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