The once-fattest girl made the decision to transform her life… This is how she looks like now…

I had a hard time staying at a good weight when I was in elementary school, but I never planned to lose it.

I was a stranger because nobody liked me and no one was my friend, among other things. And to make things worse, they called me “fat.”

Because I didn’t learn how to deal with this problem until I was in high school, reading news stories about fat children and teens makes me feel sick and uneasy.

A young woman named Jessica Leonard had to deal with this problem.

She was so fat that her body looked strange. She was also a lot bigger than the other people there.

Jessica’s mother, who felt helpless about her daughter’s situation, sent her to an obesity camp when she was 8 years old.

There, the young woman got help keeping her control and living a healthy lifestyle.

Her classmates teased, teased her, and bullied her all the time at school. After she went to the camp, her life would never be the same.

When she got there, she was more beautiful than anyone could have dreamed.

Jessica gained so much weight before going to camp that her legs could no longer hold her up. She was very depressed, and her life was often messed up because of it.

Her mother decided that changing the girl’s diet would be the best way to stop her daughter from being so hungry all the time.

When Jessica got back from camp, she was so happy she couldn’t hold it in because she had made it through such a hard time.

She ate so much that her lungs were already having a hard time keeping up with her hunger.

But after a lot of hard work over a few months, Jessica was finally able to get out of this situation.

Right away, she gets a great feeling! It’s easy to see that Jessica has come a long way in recent months.

She was able to lose 320 pounds without having to go to the doctor. What a surprising change of events!

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