Homeless man find his family after transformation…

I’ll spend some time today talking about the good things about the internet and the power it has.

Yes, this article is about the Internet and the person whose life has changed a lot because of it.

During those three years, Joao Coelho, a Brazilian guy in his 45th year, had a very hard and terrible time.

He went away without a place to sleep. He was poor in every way: he didn’t have any money, a job, or friends.

The most important thing to remember about him is that he is smart and reliable. So, it would be smart for him to look for somewhere to sleep and food to eat.

He started collecting all of the plastic bottles and containers so he could take them to the place where they were being collected and make some money.

The homeless man’s image as a clean person came from the fact that he kept acting the same way day after day. However, his beard and hair were in a terrible state.

One day, this person got up the courage to go to the barbershop close to where he cleaned every morning.

He asked for a sharp knife and some scissors so he could cut his beard. He also apologized for how he looked, but he told her what was going on.

Alexandro, the owner of the barbershop, decided right away to help the person in need. Every member of his team was there to do their best and help.

In reality, they had cut his long hair short and shaved off his beard. Joao changed into a very different person over time.

The owner of the barbershop thought that his new look was so cool that he should put pictures of it on the internet.

The homeless man didn’t have any problems. And pictures of “before” and “after” were shared on social media sites.

Joao rose to fame and became well-known not only in their area but all over the world.

Joao’s sister and mother were able to find him in the end because of the Internet.

Because of how powerful the Internet is, a man was able to find his family and now has the chance to start his life over.

Isn’t that just a lucky break?

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