The Overweight Bride Took Revenge On Her Fiance…

Jane has always had a very plump look about her. Just before they were to say their vows, her husband called off the wedding. This was because of how big she was.

Even though this happened, the pretty overweight girl did not become sad. Instead, she decided to start a new part of her life.

Jane’s look changed dramatically over the course of a year. She went from a size 22 to a size 10, and her weight went from 100 kilograms to 50 kilograms.

She now weighs half of what she used to. The beautiful woman feels a big boost in her confidence. In the past, she ran into her ex-boyfriend when she was out walking.

But he had no idea who she was at all. On the other hand, the way she looked really interested the guy. Jane didn’t even bother to say hello to him. Instead, she decided to hide who she was.

The young woman is sure that her ex-boyfriend will realize who he has lost and feel bad about it.

When Jane thinks about her old life, she is surprised by how big and strong she used to be. She can’t figure out why her ex-boyfriend is still interested in her in any way.

At that time, her body was far from what people thought of as perfect. She ate so much spaghetti, bread, and sandwiches that it was shocking.

Jane’s goal has always been to get her weight under control.

But she didn’t have the right drive to succeed. But when the man she loved was so mean to her, she was determined to show him that he had lost a beautiful girl, not a fat one.

She did this by telling him she was going to drop a few pounds. Six months after her amazing change, Jane is now dating a former friend.

Chris looks up to and admires his friend, and he always cheers her on in whatever she does.

Jane thinks she was missing a lot in her relationship with her ex-boyfriend, which is why she was eating. She was trying to turn the feelings she was missing into the pleasure she could get from food.

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