Just a few days before her wedding, the future bride discovers a parcel addressed to her on her kitchen table from an unknown sender.․․

Chuck Nees and Mary Hall were busy getting ready for their wedding, which would be the most important day of their lives.

They had planned for everything ahead of time. One day, though, they got a strange package, which changed how the party went from then on.

After a long day at work, Mary got home to find a gift waiting for her on the kitchen table. The sender’s name was on the package.

Mary and the man she was going to marry did not know this name at all. On the day before the wedding, a group of younger people didn’t know who sent them these things or what they were.

When they opened the package, they found a letter and a pair of glasses with the names Mary and Chuck on them.

When they saw the glasses, the bride and groom were both surprised. But when they read what was in the letter, they were shocked.

As Chuck began to read the letter that he and his fiancee had received from people they didn’t know, Mary’s body went as cold as ice. And by the time she was done reading the letter, she couldn’t stop the tears from coming.

People whose parents had the same names as the main characters in this story, Mary and Charles, wrote the letter and gave the main characters the glasses (Chuck).

The children of a couple we didn’t know told us that they didn’t know the soon-to-be-married couple.

By looking at the list for wedding gifts, they were able to find out where the bride and groom lived.

Strangers decided right away to send them glasses that had belonged to their parents before they died.

The letter also said that the parents of the person sending the glasses had been married for 62 years and were still very happy. They loved each other very much and always made sure to look out for each other.

Their real names were Chuck (Charles) and Mary Felker. They were also very friendly and kind, and people from all over the world loved and respected them.

The two people knew a lot of the same people. Aside from that, they often had people over to their house and put on social events like parties and get-togethers.

More than anything else in the world, the Felkers loved to dance. Because they were both ballroom dance teachers, they were able to make money from this hobby.

After Chuck and Mary Felker left, their children decided to give the wedding glasses they had gotten as a gift to another couple with the same names as Chuck and Mary.

They really believe that glasses will make young people happy and make sure their marriages are healthy and last a long time.

Chuck gave Mary a hug, and as he did so, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a pair of glasses with their names on them. Then he said to Mary, “Mary, let me dance with you forever.”

Not all of these things turned out to be a surprise.

The glasses came in a box that was made for sneakers. And Mary thought that this was a good sign.

Because she and her friends decided not to wear uncomfortable high heels to the wedding and would instead wear sneakers.

It was a sign of things to come, that’s for sure. Mary decided that doing this would be good for her and Chuck’s marriage in the long run.

People their age have said they’d like to meet Chuck and Mary Felker’s children one day and thank them in person for the glasses.

And when they are grown, they want to be able to play the same trick on a young couple by telling them their names.

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