Luke Tilman: The 5-Year-Old Preacher Who Baptizes Stuffed Animals and Gives Jennifer Hudson Chills

Meet Luke Tilman, a 5-year-old preacher who has captured the hearts of many with his love for the Lord. Luke’s story went viral when a video of him baptizing his stuffed animals surfaced online. Now, he continues to share his faith with the world, including a recent appearance on The Jennifer Hudson Show.

During his interview, Luke recited Proverbs 3:5-6 with so much passion that it gave Jennifer Hudson chills. He then shared his gratitude for being able to swim with his brothers and make TikTok videos with them. Luke’s mother also shared about her other boys and their interests, highlighting the wonderful job they have done in raising children who love the Lord.

Luke’s father expressed how proud he was of his son and how amazed he is by the joy he brings to others. «I’m looking at Jesus talk to me,» he said. Luke’s parents are doing a fantastic job in raising a young boy who spreads love and joy, and they should be blessed for their efforts.

Luke’s story is a reminder that faith can be expressed in many ways, and it’s never too early or too late to share it with others. His passion for the Lord is infectious, and it’s easy to see why so many people have been drawn to him. We should all strive to be like Luke, sharing our faith with others and spreading love and joy wherever we go.

Watch the videos below:

@empoweringcuts Luke “ I shocked my mom today😂 I told her all my toys have to be baptized” … today was Chase day🙌🏾 Say amen church😂🙌🏾 (IG) @according_2luke #baptism #baptismerkid#preacherkidschkids #faith ♬ original sound — Joshua Santiago

And this interview video right here:

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