Finding a 5$ flag in a flea market starts an amazing journey for a family…

Walter was drawn to the flag, and when he saw the wording on the stripes, he knew exactly what he needed to do.
When you’re searching around a flea market, you never know what you’ll come upon. Normally, a person would be ecstatic about a great bargain or a rare find – but what a Texas couple uncovered was really priceless.

Walter Brown was browsing a Hemphill flea market when he came upon a unique object. It was an American flag with words on it.
He quickly told his wife, Lanie, to examine the situation more closely with him. The flea market discovery had the same effect on her.

The Browns believed it was important to buy the flag, regardless of the cost, after reading the personal inscriptions on it.

“Then we would have handed them a $100 note had they asked us for it. It was invaluable to us because we were aware that it had great importance.”

They were instructed by the vendor that the flag was $5 in price. As a result, the Browns purchased it without hesitation.
When the couple returned home, they presented the flag to their son, who is a Marine. He said that the flag they had bought was a memorial flag for a fallen Marine. It had heartfelt words such as:

“We’ll always remember the sacrifice you made. God bless.”

Another Marine expressed himself like follows:

“You will be missed by everyone, but you will never be forgotten.”

All of the two dozen notes were intended for Lance Cpl. Fred Maciel, who died in a helicopter accident in Iraq in 2005 while serving with the United States Army.

The Browns were well aware that the memorial flag should be returned to Maciel’s family.
It was only with the assistance of their children that they were able to locate the mother of the fallen Marine, Patsy Maciel. However, they believed it was crucial that her son’s flag be personally brought to her, so they chose to physically deliver it rather than mail it.

Patsy met up with the Browns at the graveside of her son to receive the flag. Others got there as well, all in remembrance of Lance Cpl. Fred Maciel, who died several years ago.
The flag, which was plastered with messages from his fellow Marines, was ultimately shown to Patsy after many years had passed since her son’s death. According to CBS News, the heartbroken mother was unaware of its existence until she received a phone call from the couple. It was over a decade ago that she did, however, receive an official flag for his funeral service.

According to her, the flag represented a message from her son, in which he said it was time for her to heal.

“If this happened earlier, there’s no way I would have been able to walk out there and accept it because I was such a complete and utter mess. My heart has finally found rest.”

Patsy also believed that her son had a role in the couple’s discovery of the flag.
Lanie agreed, stating that the fact that they were even at the flea market was “a miracle.” It turns out that Walter isn’t much of a shopper and doesn’t much like shopping centers. The only reason they went on that particular day was because he wanted to search for a holster, and that was the only reason.

She was very moved by the gift of the flag, as well as by the ceremony held in Lance’s honor.
“You should know that I’m happy. This is all for my son. No one had forgotten about my son.”

In most cases, garage sales and flea markets are filled with a variety of unique finds. However, this is one that will be cherished for a lifetime.

More information about this extraordinary story may be found in the video below.

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