This woman became a mom at 65. Here is how her little family looks like now after 10 years!

It seemed that only yesterday the whole country was discussing the news about a woman who became a mother at 65, and today her daughter is already 10 years old. How do the oldest mother of the country and her heiress live now?

Valentina was married twice, but she could not experience the joy of motherhood. After a full examination, the doctors made a terrifying diagnosis, according to their verdict, she will not be able to get pregnant, the only way out is IVF.

Of course, a simple woman did not have so much money, so she found two more jobs, and began to work hard, saving every penny. After 7 years, the amount was collected. The woman had no contraindications, but her advanced age and the possibility of miscarriage were great.

Nobody promised anything; the chances are one in a million. Fortunately, everything went smoothly, and Valentina gave birth to a lovely daughter named Anna–Maria in 2011. The girl is now ten years old, and her mother is 75 years old!

Valentina holds Anna–Maria in such high regard that she occasionally attends school with her and sits in class with her; she is terrified that something bad will happen to her. The girl herself is becoming increasingly energetic, and her professors are praising her academic performance but also scolding her for restlessness, as any young girl would be.

It’s worth noting despite the fact that Valentina is good enough for a girl to be a grandmother, no one laughs at Anna, and others do not condemn her – this is the most important thing.

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