Four degrees from college are awarded to a 13-year-old student… Watch his graduation ceremony here…

I had accomplished almost nothing by the time I was thirteen years old.

Fullerton College in California recently awarded four associate’s degrees to Jack Rico, a 13-year-old student who recently graduated.

Yes, you read it accurately.

To be more specific, Jack graduated as the college’s youngest ever graduate. For his graduation, friends and family organized an impressive event to honor his accomplishment.

Being able to graduate with four degrees at such a young age is no simple achievement. His accomplishments are the result of his efforts and dedication to his career path. Jack explains further:

‘It’s impossible to know everything at once. You must study at all hours of the day and night.’
These are wise words. Even a 13-year-old can say something like that, right?

Photograph of Jack wearing his blue graduation cap with the yellow tassel for his senior year of high school

‘Youngest Graduate Ever’ is written on a sign behind him.
Welcome to the Class of 2020, the class with the youngest graduating class.

Is that a Hawaiian lei on his head? The boy has a strange sense of style. There’s a little sparkle, too.

Friends and family organize an unique graduation ceremony for him, despite the fact that he lives a long distance away from them. Some fans are hiding behind masks, while others remain in their cars parked on the side of the road closest to the makeshift starting stage.

Jack’s dad and grandparents were also in the audience. The text on his Grammy’s sign reads: ‘Congratulations to our grandson Jack on his achievement. Your Grammy and Papa are incredibly proud of you.’

The graduation, aside from taking place during the worst global pandemic in 100 years, appeared to be very normal, with socially distant versions of all the usual traditions.

Clearly, he has such a promising future ahead of him. Jack, please keep up the wonderful work. There is no limit to what can be achieved.

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