A Boy Melts Hearts With A Song Dedicated To His Little Sister… Check It Out Here…

Charice Little has a lovely family and a video she took of the extraordinary relationship she has with her eldest and youngest children is now going viral because they are both so adorable and touching.

Meet Colten, who is nine years old, and Clairadee, who is almost two years old. Charice and Josh Little are the parents of four children. And if mom’s Facebook page is anything to go by, she has a relatively simple time capturing picture-perfect moments with her four children.

However, the video in question shows the two children sharing a tender moment of bonding this holiday season.

It’s quite evident that Colten enjoys the fact that he has a younger sister. Claidadee is cradled in his arms as he sings her a tune that she seemed to find rather soothing. What is the song in question? The song ‘Count On Me,’ by Bruno Mars, is playing in the background right now. For siblings that get along this well, it’s a wonderful hymn of friendship (at least for the time being!). ‘If you’re tossing and turning and simply can’t seem to fall asleep, try this: I’ll accompany you in singing a song. And if you ever forget how much I value your friendship, please let me know. ‘I will remind you on a daily basis.’

‘Man! When the small one looks at her big brother, you can see the love and admiration in her eyes! ‘It’s clear she has him wrapped around her little finger,’ a viewer exclaimed after seeing the video. There’s no denying that this was an incredible moment to record! Charise herself added her thoughts to the discussion in the comments section:

‘These are my babies. Thank you for spreading the word. ‘I’m quite fortunate, and this guy is simply great,’ she said. It’s not the first time the two have had a sentimental moment — they’re true best friends who have a lot of fun hanging out together.

Colten looks to be quite protective of his little sister, and he is usually at her side, making sure she is happy and amused, according to the film. This young child has been really fortunate. It’s impossible to predict how their connection will develop as they get older, but it’s evident that it would take a great deal to break their friendship.

Child development professionals who have conducted research on siblings have shown that both older and younger siblings have a favorable impact on one another and may even assist each other develop a greater capacity for empathy over the course of time.

‘Older siblings have a significant influence on the lives of their younger siblings. Older brothers and sisters, like their parents, serve as role models and instructors to their younger siblings, assisting them in learning about the world. Researchers from the Society for Research in Child Development believe that this positive influence extends to younger siblings’ ability to feel compassion and sympathy for those in need: Children who have older siblings who are kind, warm, and supportive are more empathic than children who have older siblings who do not have these characteristics,’ the researchers concluded.

Furthermore, the greater the age gap, the greater the favorable impact on the child. That might explain why these two maintain such a deep relationship despite the fact that they have been apart for around 7 years. Originally posted on their mother’s Facebook page, Colten and Clairalee’s video has been seen more than 13 MILLION times! We’re talking about famous siblings! Of all, there is no such thing as a home that is always ideal — everyone has their challenging times. Even when things are difficult, it’s comforting to be able to reflect back on the happy times. Make sure to scroll down to the bottom of this page to see the heartwarming video in which Colten comforts Clairalee with a song of love and friendship.

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