Two sisters move into two tiny houses close to each other and decorate them to represent their different personalities…

Have you ever thought about how you might personalize a little home if you were given the opportunity?

Anyone would be incredibly excited at the prospect of what they might accomplish. A tiny house implies you will have a limited amount of space, but it does not rule out the possibility of having a functioning home.

These two sisters wanted to remain neighbors, but they also decided to create their own unique houses to suit their needs and preferences.

Alexis and Ashley, two sisters, bought two small houses and modified them to reflect their distinct personalities and lifestyles.

Neither of them had anticipated that they would wind up living next door to each other. Even when they were younger, the sisters were not particularly close to each other.

Now, they appreciate each other’s individuality, and living close to one another provides them with the support they need while still preserving their own styles.

Both sisters reside in the Circle Pond Tiny Home Community in Central Florida, where they pay $475 a month for the right to build a tiny home on their land.

Alexis refers to her modest house as The Wood Haven since it is constructed entirely of wood, and she believes it to be her safe haven.

She lives with her lovely toddler, Nalini, whom she refers to as her ‘boss baby.’

Her house was built for $75,000 in total, and she characterizes it as ‘basic, cozy, and comfortable’. She says she enjoys living in it.

When creating a compact house, you prioritize your needs. In Alexis’ example, she enjoys books, so you’d see a huge bookcase and a reading nook transformed into toy storage.

She has two lofts, but one has become a storage place due to her daughter’s belongings. Alexis also said that she hates cooking, thus her kitchen isn’t very large. She had a large television and a living room in which she might dance.

Ashley refers to her kitchen as ‘The Chef’s Kitchen’since she enjoys cooking and has made sure that her house has a well-equipped and big kitchen.

Her tiny house, which she shares with her two active dogs, costs $80,000. Her house is described as ‘pleasant, contemporary, and elegant’ by her.

Ashley enjoys cooking, and she has plenty of space in her home for storing all of her equipment and tools for the kitchen. She also enjoys how comfortable and spacious her living room is.

She stated that she enjoys having guests in, and that they could relax on the couch and watch movies while she cooked dinner. Her couch may easily be converted into a full-size bed if necessary.

Ashley’s house, in contrast to typical tiny houses, does not feature two lofts. She intended to use the other portion of the room as a kitchen.

Alexis’ and Ashley’s little houses are both quite stunning.

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