Sharing the good news of a newborn baby brings shocking consequences for 49-years-old mommy

When a woman in her late forties chose to adopt a kid, she had no idea what a lovely and gratifying experience she was in for. Unfortunately, sharing her joys as a mother with the world came with it some unpleasant consequences.

Parenthood is a breathtakingly wonderful experience that completes people in ways they never imagined. Every family is special and unique in their own way, whether they naturally conceive or choose adoption to complete their family.

People may be compelled to avoid experiencing motherhood or fatherhood due to societal constraints and archaic customs. Other times, people may be chastised for marrying or starting a family later in life.

It’s important to remember that age is just a number, and that life’s unpredictable nature defies age, health, and other elements that may otherwise be considered major predictors. Furthermore, everyone’s life and circumstances, as well as their timelines, vary.

Kris Monsour’s tale, interestingly, has a similar topic. The Canal Winchester, Ohio woman had always wanted to be a mother and had tried for more than ten years to succeed.

Monsour said she explored using IVF and other methods when nothing else worked during her first marriage, but her marriage ended abruptly before she could complete the process.

When she met her current husband, Clay, who shared her desire to start a family, things changed for the Ohio woman. Fortunately, the couple became pregnant immediately, but their joy was soon overshadowed by devastating news.

Children of older moms, on the other hand, are claimed to have fewer behavioral, social, and emotional issues, according to new research published in ‘the european journal of developmental psychology.’
Monsour lost at the three-month period, and the couple lost the baby. The woman went on to say:

‘A doctor eventually told me that I should just give up trying and that I would never be a mother. It hit me like a ton of bricks, but I was determined to stay focused on my work.’

Monsour’s maternity experience spanned a decade and was riddled with difficulties. When something remarkably unexpected happened one day, she was on the point of drowning in a cycle of trauma, anxiety, and despair.

Monsour’s life was permanently transformed in 2019 when she got an unexpected text message from her cousin. She was 48 years old at the time and had had several miscarriages. A part of her had also accepted the fact that motherhood was not in the cards for her.

Monsour was surprised when her cousin, who was in recovery from addiction, told her she was pregnant and asked if she wanted to adopt the baby.

The news came as a surprise to her, but Monsour and Clay accepted without hesitation to take the child in. Monsour revealed the following about the life-changing experience.

‘We were present at every stage of the pregnancy and birth. We were present for the ultrasound, and I even got to cut the cord at the hospital when she [the baby] was born.’

The couple arrived at the hospital with a deep desire to become parents and left with Ainsley, a baby girl in their arms. Things went smoothly after that, and Monsour and Clay adopted Ainsley in March 2020.

The first-time mother described the adoption process as long and difficult, involving numerous checks and visits to the social service office. She went on to say that the entire adoption procedure cost roughly $19,500.

Monsour, who works as an executive insurance director, said the long wait and everything she felt and went through to bring Ainsley into her life was well worth it, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Monsour is now 51 years old and the proud mother of a two-year-old daughter. She’s been documenting her maternity journey on her ‘The Vintage Parents” TikTok and Instagram page. She summed up her parental problems in one of her TikTok videos. The voice says,’

‘Being informed at 41 that I will never be a mother and to ‘accept my fate’ following my most recent miscarriage.”Me at 51 with my two-year-old,” read the caption on the second half of the same video, which showed a beautiful Monsour gently holding her young girl.

The TikTok mom’s channel has 9.4 million likes, and her videos have received hundreds of millions of views and comments. Unfortunately, there are both positive and negative comments in the comment section.

Trolls have labeled Monsour “selfish” for becoming a mother at such an older age, and have told her she will most likely die before her daughter reaches adulthood. Others chastised her for adopting a child at such a young age.

Monsour sometimes publishes critical remarks on her TikTok, but she usually takes a humorous tone when responding to her critics. She revealed the horrifying internet comments she’s received in a TikTok video. According to one comment:

‘You’re going to die before she gets her degree. Selfish!”She’s just trying to fill a gap because she couldn’t have her own children,’ another remarked. But it’s Monsour’s unwavering love for her daughter that has kept her going through it all.

Aside from the nasty  remarks, the adoring mother has received good responses, admiration, and affection from the internet community. Someone commented:
‘You provided a child the opportunity to live the life they deserved. There is a way where there is a will!’

Another was added: ‘I admire how wonderful a mother you are. And the love in your daughter’s eyes is immeasurable.’ Monsour’s experience highlights an important issue: the stigma associated with older women becoming mothers.

Children of older moms, on the other hand, are claimed to have fewer behavioral, social, and emotional issues, according to new research published in “The European Journal of Developmental Psychology.”

According to the findings, older women are less likely to use verbal or physical punishment on their children. They’re also thought to be more patient, which they pass on to their children. Monsour’s situation may appear strange to some, yet it is nonetheless lovely.

When the time is right, the thrilled mother prepares to tell Ainsley about her adoption. She also stated that she is ignoring the online trolls and focusing on her parenthood journey and being the best mother she can be to her daughter.

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