Peaceful faces created as art works from dozens of burnt wood pieces…

Gil Bruvel, a Texas-based artist, makes calm faces out of hundreds of charred wood sticks.

Gil Bruvel created these nameless faces out of thousands of wood sticks and painted them in rainbow gradients to highlight their characteristics.

The Face to Face exhibition, which includes this set of masks as well as other steel sculptures, is now on display at Galerie Montemarte.

In his new project ‘Bending the lines-pixelated forms,’ he takes an organic material (wood) and reconfigures it into powerful geometric patterns, which he then uses to create something organic again.

‘The pixelated outlines resemble our intricate neurological networks, while gradient color reinforces our minds’ interconnection,’ he says.

The wood has been burnt to demonstrate the impact of natural occurrences on the physical form and its intrinsically fleeting nature, which is modified with time, revealing new patterns and details.’

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