20 years after giving her kid for adoption, the lady discovers they both work at the same hospital.

We are not strangers to hearing of long-awaited reunions of family members. Imagine finding out that the child you placed for adoption 20 years ago is now employed at the same company as you. That is a one-of-a-kind story.

Holly Shearer became pregnant at the age of 15. She decided to place her son for adoption after realizing she wasn’t ready for the role of mom.

Even though she was still pregnant, she understood what she needed to do. Holly was nearly a child as a teen, still learning about responsibility. She adored her child, so she chose to place him for adoption so that he may have a better future.

‘He deserved a mother and father, a home with a playground in the backyard for him to play on, a dog,’ Holly told KSL TV.

Holly met a couple who were preparing to adopt the kid she had when she was 15 years old on the day before Thanksgiving in 2001. Angela and Bryan were their first names, but she had no idea what their last name was.

For all of them, it was a day of joy and sorrow. Holly was heartbroken at having to say goodbye to her newborn baby, but she knew she had to do it for her son’s sake.

The adoptive couple was overjoyed to welcome their child, but they were concerned for the teen who had given them the opportunity to experience parenthood.

Angela and Bryan Hulleberg attempted to conceive but were unsuccessful. They wanted to adopt a kid and were fortunate enough to be picked by a teen mother who was expecting a newborn boy.

The couple was grateful and overjoyed when she handed over the tiny child. The adoption was finalized, and they were about to become parents for the first time.

‘We knew Holly loved Benjamin from the moment she gave him to us,’ Angela recounted. She said, ‘She loved him with all of her heart and soul.’ That was two decades ago. Holly is 35 years old, yet she can’t seem to get her mind off her adorable baby boy. Benjamin is the name of the boy who is now an adult.

Benjamin was aware that he had been adopted, and he, like many other adopted children, wished to see his biological mother. He went out of his way to find the woman he only knew as ‘Holly.’ Benjamin began seriously searching for his birth mother after he turned 18.

The young man told KSL TV, ‘I kind of grown up wanting to meet my birth mom.’ ‘I wanted to talk to her and, above all, thank her because I knew I’d been given a wonderful life full with opportunities.’

Benjamin was unsuccessful in his search for Holly. But he had no idea that the woman was also on the lookout for him.

Through Google, Holly was able to locate the boy she had placed for adoption. After that, the woman chose to follow him on social media for the following two years. She noticed that the boy she had given birth to was living a happy life with a loving family, which made her extremely pleased.

Benjamin wrote on Facebook when he turned 20 about how much he wanted to meet Holly. That’s when Holly realized it was time to come from the shadows and reveal herself to her kid. ‘You could tell from his posts that he values everyone, his friendships, and his family,’ Holly said.

For the first time, Holly sent Benjamin a message. Benjamin’s 20th birthday was the awesome option for Holly to meet and get to know him. She contacted Benjamin by texting him with the following message:

You don’t know who I am, so having a stranger message you is strange. I made the most difficult decision of my life twenty years ago when I placed my lovely little baby for adoption with a wonderful family.

I have no desire to turn your life inside out. Every day, I’ve been thinking about you and have finally summoned the guts to send you a message. ‘I’d like to wish you a very happy birthday.’

Benjamin couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Was he actually reading a message from someone he’d been hoping to meet for a long time? They decided to meet the following day. Benjamin ultimately met his birth mother with the help of Angela and Bryan, and it was the most unforgettable day of their life.

A surprising turn of events.
They all ate supper together, and as they talked about their lives, Holly and Benjamin discovered something amazing: they both worked at the same hospital!

While Benjamin was in the NICU, Holly worked at the heart center. Who’d have guessed they were only a few feet apart the entire time they were looking for something?

We do, after all, live in a small world. Holly and Benjamin are overjoyed at the prospect of finally getting to know one another. Benjamin’s adoptive mother, Angela, is happy for both of them.

‘It was like pure joy when we reconnected,’ Angela said. Holly was ecstatic and grateful for everything the pair had done for her son. ‘Words can’t express how grateful I am for her,’ Holly expressed her gratitude. ‘She’s provided Benjamin with a fantastic life.’

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