After her own eggs fail to hatch, a Tawny Owl mother adopts two rescue chicks. Video of this touching moment below…

This beautiful story was  about  Luna, a rescued tawny owl, adopted a pair of orphaned chicks when her eggs failed to hatch in. Robert E Fuller, a wildlife photographer and avid owl aficionado, set up a covert camera to capture the adorable interaction.

He put the orphaned babies  with Luna in the hopes that they would bring her comfort. ‘This means Luna the tawny owl is finally a mother after a lengthy wait. ‘Not only did her eggs not hatch this year, but she also lost her clutch the year before,’ Fuller explained.

‘And the event also completes the loop because Luna is a rescued tawny owl who was raised by owls here at Fotherdale who fostered her in 2017.’

Luna’s partner, Bomber, was thrilled to find that he was a father, but Luna made it plain that it was Bomber’s responsibility to feed the babies. ‘When Bomber the tawny owl discovers the two rescued babies I placed in the nest for the first time, he seems pleased.’

‘However, Luna appears to be wary of him and won’t allow him get too close just yet.’ She gives him a short look around before guiding him out of their nest with a strong claw on his thigh, as if to say, ‘Now go find them some food.’

Fuller stepped forward and rescued the chicks after receiving a call that they needed a home.

‘They’d fallen from a straw stack that was due to be hauled.’ I’ve taken them in and they’ve been eating well so far – just listen to their chittering hunger for more food. I’m hoping to get them back into the wild as soon as possible.’

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