If you hear barking don’t be sure it is a dog…. Surprising video below…

If you spend enough time with animals, whether day or night, you will undoubtedly hear some weird noises. Have you ever heard a bird that sounds just like a barking dog on a rooftop?

This is Ridiculous!

This raven was recorded this year, in fact, just last month in Russia, and the sound it made was anything but natural. Birds don’t bark; they chirp and tweet, at least that’s what we thought.

A raven perches above snow that lies above a green automobile, putting on a show for the camera and the audience. This bird, instead of sounding like a raven, sounds like…a dog. A dog that is really convincing!

Humans can make noises with their bodies by moving their mouths or other body parts around. One of the reasons some people can beatbox and others are great at impersonation is their ability to replicate sounds. Some people can also imitate animal sounds, which is impressive.

Few animals in nature have the ability to imitate the noises of other species. Although there aren’t many, creatures resembling the parrot do exist. ‘Would you like a cracker, Polly?’

Ravens, on the other hand, are not well-known for having this talent, but they do. Corvids, or Corvus corax, are a taxonomic family that includes ravens. Crows, gray jays (Canada jays), and blue jays are all members of the raven family.

They are born with the ability to imitate sounds they hear. If the raven in this video wasn’t there to prove it, the sound would surely be attributed to a dog. There is no mistake.

The fact that the bird appears poised just adds to the strangeness of the video. Nonetheless, this raven’s ‘barking’ sounds like a dog barking at someone walking down the street from a window.

The raven produces a bird sound for a split second, but the sounds that follow seem like they belong to a dog.

The camera remains centered on the raven, so viewers are unable to see what the raven was staring at, if anything at all, but one thing is certain: this is weird and quite amusing.

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