Several days before her wedding, a woman gets a seven-hour makeover and becomes almost unrecognizable. Photos of the transformation inside.

Obviously, you want to look and feel your best on your wedding day. It’s especially difficult when you’re the bride.

Holly, a Florida resident, used to assume that she needed long hair to be considered attractive. But, owing to some brilliant Avantgarde Salon stylists, she realized that this was far from the case.

Her hair wasn’t simply long; it was realy long. 
Some women have trouble growing their hair at all, while others can grow it to incredible lengths.

Holly had Rapunzel-like hair that hung down beyond her waist. It was also two-toned and in desperate need of some loving care.

Holly had a good reason for wanting to make a change. She was about to marry! Brides, as we all know, want to feel beautiful and like the queen of the ball on their wedding day.

As a result, Holly made an appointment at the Avantgarde Salon in Destin for a complete makeover.

Say your goodbyes.
Sara Pestella, a hairstylist, teamed up with Jeremy Hartfield, a colleague, to undertake the significant makeover.

It all began when Hartfield snatched Holly’s long hair and chopped it short. Obviously, the event produced some euphoric reactions in the salon!

You could see she’d get a lot of attention.
Holly was under the impression for a long time that a woman required long hair to be attractive.

Pestella revealed in an interview with Modern Salon that the inspiration for this design came from something her father used to say.

Holly, on the other hand, was coming to realize that she could be attractive with or without long hair.

Pestella coloured their client’s hair a gorgeous blonde once the cut was completed. The entire coloring process took seven hours and included many phases.

Holly also had her cosmetics done by a different stylist that night, which was the icing on the cake. Take a look at her photo below… She’s almost unrecognizably different!

Pestella told Modern Salon that Holly’s look was kept up with a year of complimentary care from the salon’s proprietors. It was clear that she felt like a million dollars.

It’s a startling change that has the internet buzzing.

Hartfield posted the before and after photographs to Instagram, where they received a lot of good feedback, including: ‘OMG, fantastic job; I adore the style, color, and overall appearance; she is stunning.’

Another add:
‘WOW, she looks really gorgeous.’

The stunning transformation of the bride-to-be has been nominated for an award. Avantgarde Salon’s Holly and her staff attended the One Shot Hair Awards.

She even had the opportunity to walk the runway like a supermodel to show off her new look.

Did they, however, take home the prize?
They did, indeed! Avantgarde Salon Florida announced their win for ‘Transformation of the Year’ on Instagram, calling it ‘the biggest hair award show GLOBALLY.’

Pestella, a hairstylist, was given the distinction of accepting the prize, although she believes it was a collaborative effort.

‘A very proud Sara Pestella accepts the award for Transformation of the Year.

Sara had a ‘Mean Girl’ moment and said, ‘I want to pull parts of the trophy apart and give them to everyone who helped make this happen…’

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